Custom Hearing Protection

Similar to a fingerprint, every ear is unique: even the two ears on your head differ slightly from one another. Each ear differs in shape and size, which can cause standard earplugs or earbuds to not fit right and feel uncomfortable.

Noise induced hearing loss is the most common acquired hearing impairment next to age related hearing loss. The risk of developing noise induced hearing loss increases with continuous exposure to high-level noises. Unfortunately, detection of noise induced hearing loss is often delayed and is irreversible. 

Although conventional store-bought earplugs are great at providing hearing protection in the presence of excessive noise, they can muffle speech and important sounds in the process. Custom earplugs are specifically designed for your needs and made to fit your ear for comfort and drastically reduce the loudness of sounds that enter the ear.

Custom earmolds can also be made to fit your in-the-ear headphones. Do you ever feel that your earbuds constantly fall out of your ear and require you to raise the volume to an unsafe level in order to hear the music better? Custom earbuds will fit securely and comfortably in your ear, never accidently falling out. This secure fit also ensures that all of your music enters your ear, which means you can listen at a safe volume, reducing the risk of noise induced hearing loss.

Musician’s Earmolds

Musicians are highly at risk for noise induced hearing loss. They spend hours practicing and performing and rely on their hearing to stay on key. Unlike traditional earplugs that decrease overall noise, musician earplugs keep the original quality of the music intact while reducing the damaging sounds to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Musician earplugs are customizable to your needs. They feature interchangeable attenuators that provide varying levels of sound reduction for different listening situations.

These earplugs aren’t just for musicians, they may also be a benefit to concertgoers and sports fans, allowing them to enjoy live performances and packed stadiums while protecting their hearing.