Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes, sizes, technology levels, and features. We work together to determine which hearing aid will work best for you and your specific needs.

Access Audiology is independent and locally owned, meaning we are not affiliated with one hearing aid company. Dr. Brady is particular in choosing the products she provides. We work with all the major hearing aid brands to ensure our patients are receiving the best value.

Just a few of many of the manufacturers we work with include Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Signia, Resound, and Widex. Ground breaking technology in these hearing aids provide rechargeability that can operate for 24+ hours on a single charge, translate foreign languages and wirelessly listen to music or podcasts with direct to phone streaming capabilities. Phonak’s Paradise hearing aid provides crisp sound quality in various environments and even hands-free phone calls! Starkey’s Evolv AI can alert a loved one if the wearer has a fall, so you know your loved ones are always safe when they wear their hearing aids. Wearing a bulky medical device around their neck is a thing of the past! Isn’t that amazing?

During your appointment, Dr. Brady will ask you questions pertaining to your hearing needs and budget. She is happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure that you receive the best hearing aid and the best course of auditory rehabilitation for you.