Help! My Hearing Aids Got Wet!

Help! My hearing aids got wet!

How to safely dry your wet hearing aids
and what not to do

So you forgot you had your hearing aids on when you got in the shower. Or you accidentally jumped in the pool with your hearing aids on! We know how to help because it happens… often! So, what should you do if you get your hearing aids wet?

The Don'ts:

Do NOT panic! Hearing aids are so comfortable these days most people forget that they are even wearing them, and an accidental encounter with water can happen to anyone. Today’s hearing aids are not only more comfortable but are designed to be water and moisture-resistant. Unfortunately, they are not waterproof. In the event of wet hearing aids, here are a few steps you can take to save them and prevent further destruction.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT put your hearing aids in the microwave, under a hairdryer, or on a heater of any kind! This is a one-way ticket to fry town. Hearing aids are not designed to withstand heat and by doing this the components of the hearing aid will melt, and you can say goodbye to your investment. 

Do This:

  1. Act quickly but safely. Hearing aids and water do not mix but you do not want to risk a fall by leaping out of your shower! Make sure to follow these steps as soon as it is safe to do so. 
  2. If your hearing aids have removable batteries that you change, the first thing to do is remove the batteries and throw them out. Wet batteries can corrode, which can cause further damage to the electronic components inside of the hearing aid. Once you remove the battery, leave the battery door open. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, and they are still on, turn them off. 
  3. Gently shake out your hearing aids to force any excess moisture out of the device. Then using a dry cloth, wipe away the moisture on your hearing aids.
  4. Dehumidify: The most effective hearing aid dehumidifier is probably in your pantry – uncooked rice. Place some rice in a sealed container or ziplock bag. Cover your hearing aids completely in the rice and leave to dry out overnight. The uncooked rice will absorb the moisture from your hearing aids. 
  5. After leaving overnight, replace the batteries or power on your hearing aids.

If you have tried these steps and your hearing aids will not turn on or you are experiencing any problems, contact your local hearing care professional. 

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