How our unique service Plans
to keep you and your loved ones safe
& Prevent the spread of covid-19

The global pandemic, Covid-19 has hit us hard, from the shelter at home orders to the effects on our economy. To help combat both, we have reinvented mobile hearing healthcare. In a time of emergency such as this, effective hearing and communication are essential. While we are practicing social distancing, we need to be able to effectively continue to communicate with friends and loved ones virtually by phone and other virtual platforms. In general, the risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19 increases with age. The CDC reports 8 out of 10 COVID-19-related deaths in the United States have been among adults aged 65 years and older. Although healthcare offices are following CDC guidelines and taking extra precautions to keep you safe during your appointment, venturing anywhere outside your home can be intimidating. There are multiple staff members within a medical office, as well as various patients coming in and out that can increase the spread of Covid-19. 

Hearing aid technology and medical technology in general is ever-evolving. Today, technology has made it possible for us to provide a verified comprehensive audiological evaluation from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. We have implemented a strict protocol following CDC guidance to keep you and your loved ones safe while staying at home. By scheduling an appointment with us, we travel to you. With this procedure, you can avoid contact with multiple people. You do not have to wait in a waiting room where you risk being in contact with other patients and different staff members at the office. Dr. Brady will arrive at your door with a face-shield, mask, gloves, and shoe coverings for everyone’s safety and to preserve the safety of your home. She will safely conduct the hearing evaluation using disposable materials and coverings over equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We are also offering virtual consultations and appointments for follow-up care. We can fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids via telehealth to minimize patient contact. Access Audiology is a creative solution to stay safe and to maintain support for our patients who need to continue to communicate effectively.

If you or your loved one are hearing impaired, what is one thing that you may be struggling with right now? Give us a call or schedule an appointment and I would be happy to see what I can do to better assist you.